Our business is carried out in many countriesaround the world that are very open tomining policies (such as Sweden, Texas, lceland, etc.), and have obtained corresponding compliance licenses


Every quarter, semi-annual, and annual, financial reports will be prepared instrict accordance with the standards of listed companies, audited by professionally certified financial personnel, and publicly reported to each investor

Industry leader

Our team has been in the mining industry for more than 10 years. Several core team members were the founders of the largest operators in the industry.
We have enough experience, resources and capabilities to ensure that we areresponsible for every investor
Investment and construction
of high-end mining farms
You partner with us to build large-scale data centers around the world. Our team handles the entire process, from mining farm surveys to selection to putting miners online, EHash maintains your property so that you directly profit from the strength of our network of partners. Our partner hashrate is growing and we are on target to be Increase combined hashrates by 2.7EH/s by the end of 2022
Latest Project List

Project in July 2021:Mining farm with a capacity of 60MW in North America

Total funds raised: $50 million

Investor recruitment is in progress!

Project in May 2020:Mining farm with a capacity of 10MW in Sweden

Total funds raised: $10 million

Schedule: Fundraising completed

Hashrate Services:
Your Wealth Put to Work
As a client of EHash, you simply need to contribute funds and we customize an entire set of solutions for you. EHash carries out full deployment, upgrades and improvements from technological and social innovations. This allows you to enjoy the benefits and peace of mind of putting your wealth to work. We do the hard work so you may relax. We choose and match miners professionally and dynamically thanks to our direct connection with the leading miner providers, ensuring that customers receive hashrate as rapidly as possible while maximizing earnings.


10.8 PH/S

0.1 BTC/D

Hash rate
*Estimated data for every 100 S19 PRO miners
Latest News
Jul 27, 2021
Jul 27, 2021

EHash's mining operations in North America will cooperate with leading mining pools

EHash's mining operations in North America will cooperate with leading mining pools

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